MADD rallies to change state’s drunk driving laws

Mothers Against Drunk Driving rally took place in Jefferson City to change the state’s drunk driving laws. This is the third year in a row that state lawmakers have considered lowering the blood alcohol limit down to .08, and once again, Mothers Against Drunk Driving lobbied to support the change.

MADD unveiled a new billboard design going up in four places around Jefferson City. It features a woman who was paralyzed in a car accident. The man who hit her was not legally drunk, but his blood alcohol level was above .08.

Mike Boland, a spokesperson for MADD, said, “Every human being alive is impaired to some extent at .08. Therefore, this building should not have the right nor should it take responsibility to legislate intoxication. Its duty should be to guarantee the safety of all Missouri drivers whether they be sober or whether they be drinking.”

Anheiuser-Busch and the Missouri beverage industry oppose lowering the legal limit to .08.

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